Rogue Militia

This year's tourney is over with! It went on for three months and we Rogues came in 2nd. It was a well fought fight...but the Royal Militia came in 1st by about 50 points.
FINAL POINT TALLY -please note points are dart hits so if it's 1000 points, 1000 confirmed dart hits(for those interested)
Royal Militia- 5000 
Rogue Militia 4946

Ninjas- 3500


Nerf Marshals had kicked over 50 people out during this 4 month tourney. That's an unfortunate record breaker for the tourney's 6 year run.
I'm going to be moving soon so forgive me if you don't hear from me within the three months. I'll be moving from San Diego County to Vegas

I'm gonna have to keep it to every three months. I have alot going on right now. Anyways enough about me! Tournament's going fine. Rogue Militia's in the lead with 5k points. Royal Militia in 2nd place. The Darters in 3rd with The Ninjas in 4th. Recently we had the Marshals kick a few people out of the tourney nothing serious, but it had to be done nonetheless. They had broken about 10 tourney rules each. We had them expelled from the tourney and if they shape-up, they can re-join, but that has to approved by a vote of the Nerf Council which makes up the rules and approves a person being expelled or not. Wish they couldv'e stayed, but I really don't like hanging out with rule-breakers at the same time. Well I gotta go, I'm due to leave to go out and play in the tourney in 15 minutes. Two, dismissed!
Whew! What a long 4 months it's been. As we await the beginning of the tournament we are getting geared up and buying new guns and the like. I got the new Longstrike and Deploy last week in Vegas (Hint hint wink wink Nevada residents. That's right it's in stock there!) at a Toys R Us. 1 more month to go before the tournament actually begins! All of us here in the Rogue Militia are getting so stoked for us to be able to start shooting again and gaining points for our fellow soldiers! Currently teams have been fighting but it's only been for fun (no points being gained for the tourney) due to the fact that there's been incidents...more on that next blog post. :) Well....1:30 AM here I better go to sleep...before I signoff weebly here though let me say that I will try to keep a post at LEAST once a month...keep it monthly. You may see a post every week or so but please note...this is a hobby, this is not something like school where we MUST do it! Ok going to sleep. Good night soldiers!
Admiral Shieldel signing off!
Hi this is Admiral Shieldel, real name is preferred unknown, only team members as far as the tournament know my name. Of course my friends and family know my name hehe. Well this blog will be about our daily adventures. It will also keep record of anything major that happens, and if the tourney and/or round is over, we will be putting a record of each team's points, and with that record will be sharing the winner since it will be in the record. If you are wanting to join the team, please be patient and I'll put the sign-up form and my contact info on the website as soon as I can, I'm working on this website as hard as I can, so bear with me, and this will turn out to be fun! Admiral Shieldel out!